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WebCFG free 1.8.1


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Description of
WebCFG free
WebCFG is an easy-to-install easy-to-use platform independent generic web front end for editing local/remote based text files (e.g. system configuration files) simply in your web browser - there is no need for shell commands or Unix editors anymore. After modification is done, WebCFG executes local/remote commands / scripts forcing processing the new configuration (e.g. restart/reload a dependant service). Injecting special comment-tags like '# @WC tab / radiobuttons / combobox / textbox /...' to the text file will optimize and beautify the presentation in the web frontend for you or your customers.

Features :
Manage multiple server configurations for different programs and services
Display comments in the configuration file as descriptions in the web form
Manage local and remote servers
Split configuration in different tabs and improve readability
Set parts of the configuration file as read-only to protect the configuration
Mask parts of the configuration file to simplify the configuration
Execute scripts when configuration is changed
Adding your own style (CSS) to a configuration
Integration of realtime data to your web front-end(external data, handler)
Authenticate users
Add widgets to the web form:
text boxes
input fields
radio buttons
combo boxes
calender popups
check boxes
And more...
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Vista Enterprise
WebCFG free
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Author: DT Netsolution GmbH
License: Freeware
File Size: 81.1 MB
Downloads: 95

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